Eye wash cup

රු 350.00 රු 250.00

  • Brand: MediGold
  • Rounded Smooth Edges
  • Made from Superior Quality Material

Good for

  1. On dusty day
  2. Feeling of irritation on eyes
  3. After removing the contact lens.
  4. After swimming.
  5. After long usage of eyes (Driving, Computer, etc).

 How to use

 1) Open the cover, and clean up inner side before usage

 2) Fill Saline solution, 80% of the cup

     * Saline solution or boiled water after cooling is able to use as eye cleaner

 3) Put your eye smoothly on the cup,

 4) Blink eye repeatedly during cleaning.

     *Avoid sharing Eye Wash Cup.

Crystal Eye Wash Cup Superior Quality Prevent Infection.

Eye Wash Cup Crystal  Rounded Smooth Edges For Sensitive Eyes Area with attached stand. Superior Quality Material.

For reasons such as environmental pollution, it has been more and more pollution on our eyes.

When you have finished work of the day, our eyes get infected as skin and hair.

Pollutant which is not available to clean by tears can be left on eyes and causes eye infection.

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